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The Massachusetts Music Educators Association supports comprehensive and innovative quality music education for all students by promoting best professional practices for music educators.



The Massachusetts Music Educators Association will be the leading voice for Music Education for all by:

  • Respecting traditions

  • Encouraging innovations

  • Fostering ideas

  • Forging partnerships

  • Building community

About MMEA

The Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) is a federated state unit of the National Association for Music Education. NAfME has over 75,000 active, retired, and preservice music teachers. In addition, there are over 60,000 honors students and supporters. NAfME members make an impact on millions of students through activities at all teaching levels from preschool to graduate school.

MMEA has approximately 1500 members, and provides leadership in professional development, advocacy, student assessment, opportunities for students, and providing a comprehensive, quality music for all students. MMEA is divided into five districts with a chair and an executive board for each district. Each of the districts organizes honor ensemble festivals and general music events. A percentage of students who participate in district festivals are eligible to audition for All-State honors ensembles. Your district membership is determined by the location of the school district in which you teach. For a link to each of the district websites and to see which MA towns and cities are in each district, click on Community > District Sites.

MMEA works closely with administrators and teachers to advance our mission and vision. At the state level, representatives from the Superintendents Association, the Secondary Principals Association, and the Elementary Principals Association participate in an advisory capacity on our executive board.

To become a member of NAfME/MMEA, click the blue "Join Today" button at the top right of any page on this site. This will take you to NAfME's online application form. When you fill in the application, simply select "Massachusetts" to register your preference for a state affiliation.

To make sure you're getting the most from your membership, please visit and check out the many features of NAfME's website.

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