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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access

The purpose of the MMEA DEIA Committee is to foster inclusive music opportunities, curricula, and professional development that celebrates exceptionalities, identities, orientations, and cultural backgrounds.

DEIA Subcommittees

  • Equitable Audition Practices & Procedures (Including mitigating bias)

  • Diverse Composers, Conductors & Clinicians

  • New Student Performance Opportunities

Changes to Date: 

  • Development of a DEIA Committee with three subcommittees 

  • New listening sessions focussing on DEIA at the 2022 and 2023 All-State Music Educator Conferences 

  • MMEA By-Laws were changed at the 2022 MMEA General Membership Meeting at the All-State Conference and include: 

    • Addition of a DEIA representative with voting right to the MMEA Executive Board starting in 2024-2025. 

    • Anti-bias training for all MMEA Executive Board Members​

    • Changing all occurrences of he/she to they/them 

    • All working groups of the MMEA All-State must be open to all members of the membership, including the nominating committee for Executive Board voting.  This is to reduce gatekeeping in the organization.

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