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Executive Officers:

President (2023-2025)

     Anthony Beatrice

President-Elect (2023-2025)

     Jared Cassedy 

Immediate Past-President (2023-2025)

     Dr. Heather Katz-Cote 

Clerk (2023-2025)

     Arthur Thovmasian

Treasurer (2021-2023)

     Stephanie Riley

District Chairs:

Central District Rep. (2022-2024)

     JP Lanctot

Eastern District Rep. (2022-2024)

     Jason Belik

Northeastern District Rep. (2023-2025)

     Allison Lacasse

Southeastern District Rep. (2024-2025)

     Matt Harden

Western District Rep. (2022-2024)

     Ashley Paradis


Elementary Rep. (2021-2024)

     Dustin Lindsey

Middle School Rep. (2021-2024)

     Andrea Cook

High School Rep. (2021-2024)

     Meredith Lord

Higher Education Rep. (2023-2025)

     Dr. Minji Kim 

K-12 Administrator Rep. (2023-2025)

     Lisa Leach

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