Director for Elementary School Drama Project

The Thompson Drama Project (TDP) is seeking an enthusiastic, organized, experienced, and child-loving director(s) for its annual after-school play for students in grades 3-5 at Thompson Elementary School in Arlington. We are open to doing either a straight play or a musical cabaret, and we anticipate around 70-80 kids to be involved over two rehearsal days, with each child attending one day a week.

Director compensation is $2,200-$2,600 (depending on experience), for a two-day position, but we are open to hiring different directors for each day and splitting the compensation. We are also looking to hire an assistant director(s), salary to be determined.Auditions will be held in January, with rehearsals beginning the following week, and the production is scheduled for April 7-10. The director must pass a CORI check, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and must follow all school district regulations regarding masking and other COVID precautions.

Since 2007, the Thompson Drama Project has run a highly successful program, backed by parent volunteers who are familiar with production tasks. Parent volunteers are available to help with rehearsals and production planning (costumes, sets, ticket sales, program, etc.), and children are also involved in the off-stage aspects of theatre production. The play will rehearse and the production will take place in the school music room, which also serves as the stage for an audience in the school gym. Sound equipment/a sound board is available.

Thompson Elementary School