2022 All-State Festival Audition Information

Page Updated 6/8/2021

Update 11/18/2021: Required scales with instructions will be posted after Thanksgiving

  1. Auditions
    1. Audition Type
    2. Audition Instructions
    3. Video Submission Link
    4. Due Date
  2. Audition Registration
    1. Registration Dates
    2. Registration Fees
    3. Registration website link (URL) = Log in to Register Students
    4. Registration and Login Procedure
    5. Completing the Registration Process
  3. Preparation for Auditions
    1. Audition List
    2. Virtual Audition Instructions
    3. Vocal Audition Tracks
  4. Governing Documents
    1. All State Handbook and Seating Policy
    2. All State Medical Form
    3. Publicity Consent and Release Form
    4. Adjudication Sheets
    5. Instrument Scale Sheets

For Festival Registration information, see the All-State Festival & Concert > Festival Registration page.

A. Auditions

Audition Type
2022 auditions will be virtual auditions.

Audition Instructions
Audition instructions will be posted after Thanksgiving.

Video Submission Link
Directors will receive the video submission link on January 3, 2022.

Due Date
Audition videos are due by 5:00pm on Saturday, January 22, 2022.

B. Audition Registration

Registration Dates
Registration will be open for three days. December 6-8, 2021.

Registration Fees
2022 All State Audition Student Registration Fee: $30.00
2022 All State Festival Student Registration Fee: TBD

Registration website link (URL)
Please use this link to register for All State Auditions:
For Festival Registration information and dates, please see the Festival Registration page.

Registration Login Procedure
In order to log in to register students for All-State auditions or the All-State Festival, your school's district code and password and your NAfME credentials are required, as follows:

  1. District Code: The username for each school is the District Code of your particular school - different for each High School. Just the District Code (4 digits) - the name of your school is not part of the username.
  2. Password: Unique to each school, and different from the password you use for District Auditions. If your school's contact person is the same as last year, you can retrieve your password using the "Forgotten Password" link on the registration page.
  3. NAfME ID: Your NAfME member number is required in order to log in.
  4. NAfME Primary Email address: This is the email address you gave to NAfME when you obtained or renewed your NAfME membership.

Please note: You can retrieve your NAfME credentials at any time by visiting
Assistance: If you need assistance with your username/password, please email Rick Lueth, at

Completing the Registration Process
Once students have been registered online, appropriate fees, payment/PO's, and the signed principal form need to be mailed to Noreen Burdett at the MMEA PO Box (as noted on the principal form) by January 8, 2022. It is also recommended that you email a PDF copy of the forms to Noreen.
Each ensemble director that has a student submission must have a valid, active NAfME number. Please double-check when yours expires. It must be active through January 22 for auditions, and through March for the festival.

C. Preparation for Auditions

Audition List
2022 All State Audition List - Virtual

All scale requirements will be in effect for the 2022 auditions. Specific scale keys will be chosen in the Fall and updated on the website and on the audition list.

Virtual Audition Instructions
Instructions for Virtual Auditions will be mailed in the Fall.

All-State Vocal Audition Tracks
My Spirit Sang All Day
Practice Tracks (mp3 format) == Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass | SATB
Audition Tracks (mp3 format) == Soprano | Alto | Tenor | Bass

D. Governing Documents

All State Handbook and Seating Policy (both revised 6/18/20):
2021 All State Handbook, v6.1
2021 All State Seating Policy

Audition Adjudication Forms
Revised Percussion forms will be posted later in the summer.
Forms updated July 2017
Choral Audition Form
Instrumental Audition Forms
Jazz Audition Forms

Instrument Scale Sheets

Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Bass Clarinet | Bassoon | Alto Sax | Tenor Sax | Baritone Sax
Trumpet | French Horn | Trombone | Bass Trombone | Euphonium TC | Euphonium BC | Tuba

Jazz Alto Sax | Jazz Tenor Sax | Jazz Baritone Sax | Jazz Trumpet | Jazz Trombone | Jazz Bass Trombone
Jazz Piano | Jazz Guitar | Jazz Vibe | Jazz Bass (11/18)

Harp | Harp Arpeggio
Violin | Viola (6/17) | Cello (6/17) | String Bass (11/18)

Vocal Scales

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