All-State Conference

May 24, 2021. 7:00-8:00 p.m. (please note this workshop is on Monday, May 24)
Finishing the School Year Strong: An Elementary General Music Sharing Session
Sharing session host: Christine Morgan
Need some great ideas to carry you through the rest of the school year? In this session, we’ll share tried and true ideas and activities that both you and your students will enjoy. Consider bringing an idea to share, whether it’s a lesson, book, song tech tool or activity, or just come participate in the discussion! We’ll compile a google doc full of end of the year inspiration! registration link

May 25, 2021. 7:00-8:00 p.m.
How to Create a Virtual Performance Video
Clinician: Chee-Ping Ho
The clinic will review ways to create your own virtual concert video and audio production sound reinforcement. registration link

May 25, 2021. 7:00-8:00 p.m.
AVOIDING BURNOUT! “Why Do I Feel so Bad When My Groups are Playing So Good?”
Clinician: Scott Lang, Be Part of the Music
Sponsor: Music & Arts
The average tenure of a music educator has fallen fast in the past decade and has resulted in a dramatic shortage nationwide of qualified music teachers. The increased demands of the job coupled with the ever-changing political and parental culture have created a climate where the once-storied career music educator has been replaced by a revolving door in the director’s office. This session offers a series of tips, hints, and tricks on how to lighten the load so you can make the long haul. This session is for everyone who is a teacher and wants to stay one! registration link

May 25, 2021. 7:00-8:00 p.m.
Universal Design for Learning and Music
Clinician: Rhianon Gutierrez
Sponsor: Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs
How can we create more inclusive and welcoming learning spaces? In this session, you will gain a foundational understanding of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework based in the learning sciences that intentionally plans for learner variability. registration link

MMEA Conference 2022
Noreen Diamond Burdett, Conference Coordinator

The 2022 MMEA All State Conference will not be in the usual 3-day in-person format that we had for so many years before the pandemic. The Conference format will be whatever works best as the restrictions ease – maybe that will be a combination of virtual workshops throughout the year and a one-day in-person event at a college or conference site, or maybe it will be some other option that will arise when life gets back to somewhat normal. Regardless of the format, the 2022 MMEA Conference Committee is committed to providing meaningful PD for music educators and will continue to work on a plan that meets the expectations and needs of our members.

Whether the sessions next year be virtual or in-person, we are now seeking proposals for workshops. Proposals can be made on the MMEA website--the link is on the conference page. What we don’t know for sure is: when and where, virtual or in-person, length of sessions, etc. What we do know is: clinicians need to indicate whether or not their session could be virtual, so that the committee members are aware of that when choosing sessions.

It would be utterly fantastic to have a magic wand to predict exactly what this is going to look like, but that’s not the case! So we have wait a tad to see what is safe, comfortable, and affordable. It is important for you to check the website and MMEA eblasts for updates.

MMEA Conference Monthly Virtual Workshops – FREE PD
By Noreen Diamond Burdett, 2021 Conference Coordinator

Virtual workshops instead of in-person?
As you all know, the in-person 2021 All State Conference was canceled because of the pandemic. However, the indefatigable Conference Committee did not want a year to go by without providing PD to our members, so they have been working diligently to provide monthly virtual workshops. Hopefully, you’ve already attended a few, but in case you haven’t and don’t know how to get on board—read on……

How does this work?
Each month, a google survey is e-blasted to MMEA members where they can register (FREE) for the virtual one-hour workshop they choose to attend. The google survey is also posted on the MMEA website in case the eblast got stuck in SPAM or was lost somewhere in cyberspace. A day before (or day of) the workshop, the registered members are sent the link to the Zoom meeting for the workshop.

What if I want to attend the workshop, but can’t attend on the date it is given?
The virtual workshops are recorded and are available on the MMEA website.

What is the schedule for upcoming workshops?
Save-the-dates: April 27 and May 25. The times could vary slightly, so check the google survey for the exact time when registering, but plan on early evening. Also, check the MMEA website for updates/additions/cancellations/latest news!

Who are these fantastic organizers in case I might want to contact them?
Margaret Reidy--band and jazz
Joe Pondaco--composition
Tom Westmoreland--innovations
Christine Morgan--general music
Chris Memoli--orchestra/strings
Stephanie Riley--chorus
Chee-Ping Ho--technology
Tony Beatrice--general interest
Rhoda Bernard—teaching students with disabilities
You can find their email addresses here. You can also find “Best Practices During COVID” resources on the Conference page. You can also submit your own best practices that you want to share with members on that same Conference page.

Hey, how come I don’t receive MMEA eblasts?
Here are some possibilities –
1) if your email address is connected to your school system, there might be a block on their end and they go to your spamfolder;
2) maybe you have requested not to receive eblasts in the past for some long-ago-pertinent-but-no-longer-desired reason. If so, you can re-subscribe here; or
3) maybe your membership has lapsed. Contact NAfME to renew your membership!
Please don’t let this FREE PD pass you by! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at

A series of videos on this subject is available at

The MMEA Conference Committee is looking for your submissions of helpful videos, information, how to’s, personal successes, etc. that address: Best Practices During COVID, Tried and True Lesson Plans for Remote/Hybrid Teaching, How to Adapt Lessons to Remote/Hybrid Teaching, Technology How To’s, Helpful Hints, etc. Please submit these on the MMEA website. There is no length requirement -- a great 10 minute lesson is a great 10 minute lesson.

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