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What Is SHS?

Symphony Hall Scholars (SHS) was begun more then ten years ago as a vehicle to solicit charitable donations to support the overall costs of MMEA’s All-State Concert. Until 2011, all funds raised via SHS went to lower the cost of every All-State student's participation. Starting in 2011, a new focus emerged in the form of Future Symphony Hall Scholars Grants. Grant Application

SHS New Focus:

While the support of overall All-State continues to an extent, in 2011, the MMEA Board voted to begin shifting more and more of SHS resources to to take care of an even greater need: broadening the type of school music programming and experiences that enable students to develop the capacity and desires to strive for an All-State level of musical performance. Thus the birth of the Future Symphony Hall Scholars Grant program.

Successes thus far:

Over the past five years, MMEA members and their communities have received Future Symphony Hall Scholars Grants totaling over $20,000 to expand music education experiences to students in need. The grants have proven successful in allowing more students to audition for districts, and All-State, and to plant seeds in younger students to lead them on the path of musical excellence that may result in a District/All State experience in their future. Community situation did not allow for these types of experiences without some outside support.

What SHS Needs:

As SHS continues to expand the Future Symphony Hall Scholars Grant program, and looks for other ways to support students in need, we continue to ask MMEA members and Massachusetts music businesses and other organizations to donate. As SHS funds grow, our ability to support more students and more communities will also grow.

How do I donate?

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Using the Paypal button above;
  2. Use the donation form Mail-In Form and mail in a check;
  3. In person, when you see an SHS Committee member reminding people of the importance of SHS.

How Do I Apply for a Grant?

  1. You must be a member of MMEA to be eligible
  2. Download the FSHS Grant form, fill it out, and send in by the indicated deadline date. Grant Application
  3. Feel free to contact the SHS Chair, (, if you want to explore some potential grant ideas.
  4. Grants are reviewed over the summer, and grant recipients are notified in August, with grant monies becoming available at the end of September.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to donate yourself, as the more donations, the more grants. Mail-In Form

-- MMEA Symphony Hall Scholars Committee
(contact us:

Sponsor List


Congratulations to our 2017 Recipients of FSHS Grants
Josiah Quincy Elementary School, Boston – MMEA member Teresa Herfindahl
South High School, Worcester – MMEA member Johnetta Smith

Enthusiastic and heartfelt thanks to all listed below for donating this past school year to Symphony Hall Scholars. Thanks to them, MMEA is able to provide grants to music programs in communities to support the development of future All-State students. By being Symphony Hall Scholar Sponsors, the businesses and individuals below demonstrate their desire to go the extra mile to ensure that quality music experiences, such as MMEA All-State, be available for all Massachusetts’ students regardless of socio-economic status of family or community.

We ask all of our Sponsors to please consider donating again as Symphony Hall Scholars continues providing financial support and further expands the Future Symphony Hall Scholars Grants program. Remember that in order for MMEA, through Symphony Hall Scholars, to ensure more music educational opportunities for more students, we need your help. Please donate now using the links on this page. Join us as we promote Music Education for All through Symphony Hall Scholars!

David Neves, Ed.D -- Symphony Hall Scholars Chair

2016-17 SPONSORS – FINAL LIST as of June 30, 2017
(Folks who have donated since then will be listed in the 2017-18 list published next year)


SYMPHONY CLUB $5,000 and above



David French Music Company

PATRONS $200–$499
Central District MMEA
Howard Rockway Photography

FRIENDS $100–$199
Dennis-Yarmoth Regional HS Tri-M
Gerry’s Music Shop, Inc

DONORS up to $99
Newton North Music Department

Curry Printing, Westborough, MA

Robert & Margaret Rodgers

PATRONS $200–$499
Faith Lueth
David Neves
Walter Pavasaris

FRIENDS $100–$199
Kayla Werlin & Wayne Abercrombie
Paul & Doree Alberta
Emilee J. Blanchet
Paul and Gail Livingston
Mrk & Cyndi Napierkowski
Joyce Neves
Patricia & Mark Ostrem
Barbara Green-Glaz & Ron Glaz
Brian & Leigh Spignese
Dawn M. Sykes
Nathan Tiller

DONORS up to $99
Sara Allen
Steven Archambault
Pinsker, Judith & Benjamin Smith
Jonna M. Burns
Kristin & James Chartier
Ruth Ann Debrot
Tom Grandprey
Lisa Leach
John McLellan
Ralph Metcalf
Karin Morin
Robin Quist
Jonathan & Rana Rappaport
Johnetta Smith
Robert & Nancy Stoll
Richard & Kristin Voccio
Thomas Walters
Christina Whittlesey
Todd & Laura Young

+Numerous miscellaneous donors

Dr. David Neves, Coordinator
Thomas Walters, MMEA Past-President
Dr. Michele Holt, MMEA Executive Director
Ruth Debrot
Cynthia Grammer
Lisa Leach
Faith Lueth
Dr. Walter Pavasaris
Christina Whittlesey

Massachusetts Music Educators Association

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Michael LaCava
Interim Executive Director
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