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The Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) functions as the Massachusetts unit of the National Association of Music Educators, and as an Eastern Division affiliate of NAfME. Through its affiliation with NAfME, it has a functioning relationship with all its auxiliary organizations as provided by the NAfME Constitution and By-Laws.

Active Membership in the Massachusetts Music Educators Association is open to all persons engaged in music teaching or other music educational work upon the payment of the prescribed dues. Active Members have the right to vote, hold office, and participate in business meetings at both the State and district levels.

Any Active Member of MMEA may become a Life Member upon payment of the prescribed dues. Life Members have all the rights of Active Membership.

Retired Membership is open to any person upon retiring through the State Retirement Board or its equivalent, provided this person has been an Active Member of MMEA for at least the last five consecutive years. Retired Members have all the rights of Active Membership.

Student Membership is open to all members of NAfME Student Chapters within the State upon payment of prescribed dues. Student members will be admitted to District, State, Divisional and National meetings and will receive all privileges of Active Membership except the right to vote or hold office.

Introductory Membership is open to NAfME Student Chapter members entering their first year of full-time music teaching. Limited to one continuous membership year, the National dues will be one-half the amount of Active Membership to which will be added the State Association dues.

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