Symphony Hall Scholars is a program that invites you to make a tax-deductible donation to help provide support for current and future all-state students. In 2011, Symphony Hall Scholars began using the donations to provide Future Symphony Hall Scholars Grants. This is a competitive grant program to support programs in local schools specifically targeted at helping students who have difficulty developing the skills needed to participate in District or All-State ensembles. The goal is for these grants to eventually make it possible for our All-State ensembles to be more fully representative of all students in the Commonwealth, regardless of socioeconomic situations or backgrounds.

Please visit our Scholarships page at

  • to download a grant application form for Future Symphony Hall Scholars;
  • to donate using a PayPal link;
  • to donate using a mail-in form;
  • or for more information about these programs.

Thank you for participating!

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