Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Executive Officers District Chairs Representatives Past District Chair
President (2017-2019) NE District Rep. (2017-2019) Elementary Rep. (2017-2019) (2017-2019)
Sandra Doneski Christopher Nelson Sara Allen Michael Lapomardo
President-Elect (2017-2019) SE District Rep.(2018-2020) Middle School Rep. (2017-2019)
Cecil Adderley Jillian Griffin Meredith Lord
Immed. Past Pres. (2017-2019) Eastern District Rep.(2018-2020) High School Rep. (2017-2019)
Thomas Walters Christopher Noce Margaret Reidy
Clerk (2017-2019) Central District Rep.(2018-2020) Higher Ed. Rep. (2017-2019)
Ruth Debrot Arthur Pierce Felicia Barber
Treasurer (2017-2019) Western District Rep.(2018-2020) K-12 Admin. Rep. (2017-2019)
Thomas O'Toole Kayla Werlin Christopher Martin

Administrative Liaisons

NAfME E. Div. President Superintendents Association Principals Association
Marc Greene (NY) Kim Smith Michael LaCava
NAfME E. Div. President-Elect
Keith Hodgson (NJ)
NAfME ED Immediate Past President CMMEA Chapter Tri-M Liaison
Scott Sheehan (PA) Sarah Harney Noreen Diamond Burdett

Subcommittee Chairs

Constitution/By-Laws Symphony Hall Scholars Distinguished Service Award
Cecil Adderley David Neves Noreen Diamond Burdett
Nominating Advocacy Chair Lowell Mason Award
Thomas Walters John Mlynczak Noreen Diamond Burdett
Advocacy Award
Noreen Diamond Burdett

Staff Members and Support Personnel

Staff Members Support Personnel
Interim Executive Director Auditions Coordinator
Michael LaCava Michael Lapomardo
P.O. Box 3886
South Attleboro, MA 02703-3886 Database Manager Rick Lueth
Interim Associate Executive Director
Noreen Diamond Burdett
MA Music Educators Journal Editor
Susan Lindsay
PO Box 811
Salem, MA 01970
MA Music Educators Journal Business Mgr.
Kristen Harrington

Massachusetts Music Educators Association

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Michael LaCava
Interim Executive Director
PO Box 3886
South Attleboro, MA 02703-3886